Keeping together the quality of the product and the constant updating of the design

We seek to meet and exceed customer expectations.

The Company


Being in the market since 2007, we are a company with a vast experience in the textile market. We are responsible for the full production cycle, from weaving to packaging and shipment.

We sell mainly to the European market but we are also present in North America, always strongly investing in design and innovation. We are very concerned about sustainability and the environment, so increasingly our products contain organic and recycled materials as well as wool, cashmere, silk and mixed fibres from the best suppliers in Italy.

The market challenges us daily and this is what stimulates us and drives us to never give up and always try to meet the demands of our clients. We count on your preference.


To produce textile articles, more specifically “knitwear”, that provide a feeling of comfort to the final consumer.

Bringing together product quality and a constant updating of design , we try to understand, fulfil and exceed the needs and expectations of our clients.


We seek to consolidate our strong position in the international market as a producer of Kknitwear, through a strong investment in design.

We are constantly updating our technical and human skills in order to meet our clients' demands.


  • Integrity
  • Quality and Excelence
  • Inovation and Design
  • Trust
  • Confidentiality



Always trying to meet the needs of the market, our team develops concepts and ideas to inspire our clients when creating their own collections


We produce all kind of styles in knitwear. We have “stoll” machines gauge 1,5-3-5-7-10 and 12, which allows us a wide diversity of weaving techniques and production capacity.


Our company is systematically developing new techniques together with our partners in the finishing , dying and printing areas, to enable our product to provide the highest levels of comfo


This section of our company has the best technicians and machines in the market, for the production of knitwear.

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